In continuation of its desire to build fitting communities within preexisting urban landscapes, the Shuster Group and curator Jim Pustorino have joined hands to establish an art project to promote the artists in Jersey City’s Powerhouse Arts District by selling their creations.

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All proceeds directly benefit the artist and a meaningful portion goes back into the community, helping to inspire at risk teenagers through advanced visual arts courses in Jersey City’s underserved communities. Our goal is in line with our vision: to build a viable and sustainable city, one community at a time.


The Art Program


While touring in Jerusalem, we were surprised to find a beautifully preserved building, whose bricks are numbered one by one. When asking for the reason behind these numbers, we learned that the building itself had to be relocated – it was taken apart and rebuilt brick by numbered brick.

This story inspired us to create something similar in the way of combining architecture, design, history and engagement. We have decided to cover the Breadbox Café’s façade with 1,600 rolling pins, but add another aspect important to us – making a social change. We believe that we are here for the community, not only by bringing people together over the sharing of stories, food and good times, but also by bringing them together to give back to the community and make it stronger.

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We have established a relationship with The New York Foundling, an organization which has been caring for the needs of the most vulnerable among us and building communities since 1869. By donating to The New York Foundling, the donor’s name is featured on one of the rolling pins covering the Breadbox Café’s original façade. With your help, the entire façade will be covered by the names of people who give back to the community, making it a better, stronger place for all of us. Our first shared goal is to provide tutoring services for children in foster care.


The Breadbox Cafe